Editorial Team

Editorial Team

Vitalité Québec’s team offers useful, relevant, and factual content, targeting the person as a whole rather than just a few facets. Our committed and enthusiastic editorial team made up of real specialists deliver their knowledge and expertise by creating original content for each issue, relaying their own experiences and educated perspectives. The team is guided by our talented and meticulous editor, Dino Halikas, who has a background in naturopathy, engineering, and medical biology. With precision and accuracy, his team addresses curent issues in the natural health market, various holistic approaches to health and wellbeing, and much more.
Learn more about the editorial team below.

Dino Halikas, ND. A.

Dino has worked in the health industry as a trainer and consultant in medical biology and naturopathy for almost 30 years. He is currently the editor-in-chief of Vitalité Québec.

Chantal Ann Dumas, ND.A.

Chantal Ann Dumas has been practicing naturopathy since 1998 and has also completed training in homeopathy and mind-body intelligence. She focuses her practice around women's health and offers consultations in French, English and Spanish.

Carmen Marois

Carmen Marois has been a writer since 1985 and a writing coach since 1992.
She specializes in writing life memoirs.

Stéphanie Plamondon, Ac., M. Sc.

Stéphanie Plamondon has been an advocate for natural health since 1998. She has studied acupuncture, herbology, scientific aromatherapy, and holds a master's degree in medical anthropology. Not only does she share her knowledge by teaching numerous courses and workshops, she also offers consultations in both acupuncture and medical aromatherapy and provides a manufacturing service for essential oil formulas.

Sylvie Rousseau, ND.A.

Sylvie Rousseau is a naturopathic consultant and writer on various subjects, including the preservation of vitality as a result of aging.

Sylvie Leblanc, N.D.

Sylvie Leblanc, N.D., has worked in the health food industry for over 35 years and offers workshops for both adults and children. She has created a child-focussed educational program, Les Petits Cuistots, which teaches kids how they eat well while having fun!

Laurence Sala ND.A. 

Laurence Sala is a certified naturopath who specializes in women's fertility and health. She accompanies couples who already are, or are trying to become pregnant, as she believes naturopathy is a key pillar during this phase of life.

Nicolas Blanchette, D.O, B.sc

Nicolas Blanchette practices osteopathy and kinesiology with his team at Ostéo-Solution.

Gabriel Parent-Leblanc, B. Sc., M. Env.

Gabriel is a biologist with a master's degree in environmental management, specializing in green construction. He is the founder of the first Québécois company to specialize the construction of tiny homes, Habitations MicroÉvolution. In addition to running his company whose mission is to allow people to live a healthy and ecological life without a financial burden, he also provides Vitalité Québec with environmental articles.

Louis Lapointe and Yves Prescott

Louis and Yves have traveled extensively all over North America, Europe and Asia and in so doing, they have sampled a wide range of exciting new dishes. Based on their experience - both at home and abroad - they are more than eager to share their knowledge with other food lovers

Shirley Séguin


Lise Chaussé

Lise Chaussé is a naturopathic graduate, also having studied gerontology and holding certifications in neurotransmission and reproductive endocrinology. She has worked for over 20 years in the industry of alternative approaches, and is well known in her field.

Francine Dubuc, T.S., PCC, N.D.

Francine is a social entrepreneur, a wellness and a leadership coach. She is passionate about the fulfillment of human potential. In fact, she has developed an integrative model for optimal health, wellness and leadership. Her tool box includes : MPO psychometrics, theory U, mindfulness coaching, heart coherence, systemic approach and naturotherapy. Francine cultivates her own well-being with green juices, yoga, outdoors, meditation and arts.

Daniel-J. Crisafi, ND.A, M.H., Ph. D.

Daniel-J. Crisafi boasts a master's in science, a PhD in nutritional biochemistry, a PhD in naturopathy, a master's in herbology, and a certificate in homotoxicology. As well as being the author of several books and the former editor-in-chief of Vitalité Québec, he is also the clinical director of pH Santé Beauté.

Anny Schneider

Anny Schneider has worked over 30 years as a naturopath and herbal practitioner. She has written 4 books and numerous articles and continues to share her knowledge and passion with others.

Nancy Richard

Nancy Richard is a naturopath, perinatal psychologist, maternity consultant, and educator. She is currently the sales manager of BébéAuric, an environmentally conscious cloth diaper laundering service based out of Montréal.

Dr. Éric Simard, Ph. D.

Eric pursues different research concerning aging. He is at the origin of important discoveries concerning the identification of new gerosuppressive agents. He is the author of 4 books on healthy longevity, he is also a radio speaker and a speaker.

Annie Courtecuisse

Annie is a yoga teacher who takes an individualized approach to leading therapeutic, yin and restorative yoga. No stranger to pain, she has benefitted first hand from the healing effects yoga has had on her body and strives to share its healing power with her students.

Marie Michèle Breton, ND.A. 

Marie Michèle Breton is a certified naturopath and a member of the Association des Naturopathes aggréés du Québec. She offers consultations for both adults and children and uses naturopathic assessments that she supports with scientific research.

Véronique Bourbeau, ND.A., herboriste clinicienne

Véronique Bourbeau is a certified naturopath, clinical herbalist and teacher. She specializes in hormonal balance, cardiovascular health, and natural health products. She is the founder of the Clinique Intégrative du Haut-Richelieu.

Anne-Marie Poulin

Maurice Nicole, ND.A.

Expressing problems

Valérie Conway, Ph.D., ND.A.

Valérie Conway, doctor of food sciences and certified naturopath, specializes in nutritherapy and health education. She opened her own clinic, Clinique Expertise Santé, in 2015 and has since begun to study osteopathy and has established relationships with two integrative health clinics to achieve a more multidisciplinary approach.

Marik Péro, ND.A.

Marik Péro is a certified naturopath who has been working in the field of natural health since 2009. Her pregnancy in 2018 and the arrival of her son propelled her into the wonderful world of perinatal care. She offers her expertise through her private practice to people in the fertility process, to children and their parents, and through the courses she teaches to her students at the Institut d'enseignement en science naturopathique (IESN). You can also read some of her articles on her blog (lavitaliste.com/blog).

Patrick Dethier, N.D.

Former student of Dr. Paul Nogier, Patrick Dethier is now a member of both the GLEM, (Lyon group of medical studies), and ICAMAR (International College of Auriculomedecine and Auriculotherapie Review).

Hélène Baribeau, M. Sc., DT.P.

Most commonly known as a best-selling author, Hélène Baribeau also holds a bachelor and a master's degree in nutrition. She specializes in gastrointestinal disorders, weight concern, plant-based nutrition, and prediabetes and diabetes.

Danielle Huard

First and foremost, a pioneer in professional artistic makeup, Danielle Huard has led the way in beauty over the past 35 years. She founded the Association de l'Aromathérapie du Québec and continues to act as a consultant to various companies striving to produce natural beauty products.

Laëtitia Laurendeau

Reflexologist and hypnosis practitioner

Guillaume Landry, MS Naturopathe

Guillaume is originally from the Jura mountains in France. He worked for nature protection and sustainable development agencies before turning to naturopathic medicine. For several years, Guillaume worked in private practice as ND.A, and he worked as a supplement manager for a large group of health food stores in Montreal. Since 2017, Guillaume has provided his expertise for training, technical marketing and product development for a Quebec manufacturer of NHPs.

Hubert Cormier


Josée Fiset 


André Jolicoeur


Lisa Greenbaum, E-RYT 500

Lisa Greenbaum has been active her whole life and started her career in fitness in 2001. She is now a certified yoga therapist and the director of YogaFit Canada.

Julie Boisvert

Julie Boisvert is interested in health and arts. At university, she renewed with the pleasure of writing and achieve a certificate in professional writing and in creative writing. She is currently continuing with a minor in theatrical studies alternating with her job as a vocal subtitler.

Milenka Jonas, N.D.

Animal Health

Ingrid Schutt

Homeopath since 1998,
Member of SPHQ and its board.
Graduated of E.H.E.H.U.
Member of Global Outreach Doctors, humanitarian aid organization in medical emergencies.

Michel Turbide


Maryse Loranger 

Physical activity

Anne-Marie Leclerc


Fabien Rosenberg

New Approaches

Lydia Gauthier, M.Sc.


Justine Collard


Louise Lamontgane


Andréanne Hatin

Andréanne is a certified naturopath. She practices at Mont-St-Hilaire and via Zoom. She also works at Synergilibre, an e-clinic.