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in overall health.

Our niche

Since 1995, Vitalité Québec has been, and continues to be, one of a kind. We are the only magazine in Canada published in French that focuses on all aspects of healthy, natural living. In our magazine, you will also find insights into the current affairs and growth of the natural health industry.

Our content

Our unique and exclusively written articles present expert advice, discussions of prevention and treatment techniques, nutrition, fitness, self-development, and products. We aim to highlight various approaches to physical, mental, and spiritual health to support your overall wellbeing.

Our mission

Help our readers to become informed about how to live a healthy, natural life and to achieve and maintain healthy vitality.

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400 000

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Over 2.4 million

readers annually

Our partners

Expo Manger Santé

Expo Manger Santé

To promote organic products, ecology and global health
Expérience Natura

Expérience Natura

Bundle of trainings regarding natural health
Collectionneurs de Voyages

Collectionneurs de Voyages

A specialized travel agency dedicated to planning customized, family and group travels.

Thank you for your support

Thank you to all of you who have followed us for all these years and for believing in this magazine.

The creation of this digital library was made possible thanks to many people including our donors, who are listed below. This project required sustained financial support and time, which we would not have had without your unwavering support.

It was an extensive job to transform our articles and recipes from over the years into a digital format, and finally, to integrate them into our new website.

This huge undertaking required many hands and could not have been accomplished without the dedication and perseverance of Aurore Bonvalot from Collectionneurs de Voyages travel agency and her team : Livia Guilloux, Claudia Deschamps and Margot Michaud.

Finally, I must recognize the hard work of our editors and editor-in-chief, Daniel-J Crisafi, Monick Juliette Élie, and Dino Halikas for their exceptional editorial direction and the recruitment of all our writers who have contributed to our Quebecois success since we launched our magazine in October 1995.

Our sincerest gratitude,

Pierre Martineau and André Thibault.


Our donors in alphabetical order: France Auclair and her team, Jacques Audet, Houda Benmoussa, Marc Brunet et Jocelyne Martin, Mackie I. Vadacchio and her team, Aurore Bonvalot, Dany Castonguay, Guillaume Chayer, Sylvie Côté, Francine Dubuc, Renée Frappier, Anne-Hélène Genné, Bernard Lamy, Sylvie Leblanc, Martin Lussier, Maxime Martineau, Pierre Martineau, Sonya Matte, Geneviève Plante, Denise Poirier, Louise Rochette, Sylvie Rousseau, André Thibault, Marcelle Thibodeau, Patrick Toledano and his team, Isabelle Tremblay, Elizabeth Webster, Albert Zoltowski.